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Don’t think twice, its all right

“It is easy to see the beginnings of things, and harder to see the ends. I can remember now, with a clarity that makes the nerves in the back of my neck constrict, when New York began for me, but … Continue reading

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Puntarelle. Punto.

Ever hear of Puntarelle? I didn’t until I came to Italy, and more specifically Rome. It is a type of chicory, a bit bitter, and often served only from November to January. You can still find it served in a few … Continue reading

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Better moving than standing still

After two and a half years, we are leaving Rome and heading back to the U.S. The time spent here has been enriching – both personally and professionally – but it is time to hit that open road. Neil Young … Continue reading

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citrus season in rome has started

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Starting the new year off right

Went on a 8.5K run this morning, which was probably one of the best ways to start the new year. The morning was cold, but the sun was starting to come up along the Tiber river. There were remnants of … Continue reading

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Every every minute

I cannot really describe how it feels to be officially and permanently leaving new york city after ten years (minus a year in kenya), but I guess nothing is ever really permanent. We are off to rome, to start a … Continue reading

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This blog will soon be very roman-centric. I am leaving NY to live in Rome Italy, and this is how I am feeling about it.

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