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Sodas, Celebrities and Sell-Outs

Last year, Mark Bittman wrote: “Why Do Stars Think It’s O.K. to Sell Soda?” This was in response to Beyonce’s promotion to sell Pepsi. I couldn’t agree more. It is maddening actually. With the current culture being so obsessed with … Continue reading

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The Obesity Riddle

By 2015, the year in which the Millennium Development Goals will come to an end, it is estimated that worldwide, one in every third persons will be overweight and one in ten will be obese. Staggering statistics yes? Why is … Continue reading

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Obesity rates in the US leveling off

Obesity levels in the United States are very high, exceeding 30% in both men and women, and in most age groups. The prevalence of obesity in adult men is 32% and in women is 35%. Obesity varies mainly with race … Continue reading

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