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The Ethics of Eating

“Food makes philosophers of us all.” Food is an essential aspect of human function, existence and experience. The idea that “you are what you eat” has some truth to it: our food choices define who we have been, who we … Continue reading

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My little anthro experiment

For the last two months, we have been traveling in Asia: first Indonesia, Malaysia, then India and Nepal. Funny, I always thought I was more of a nutrition specialist focusing on east Africa, but these days, my effort sits in … Continue reading

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Oxfam digs deep into the global food system

Oxfam has just launched a new campaign called “GROW“. The report is quite good and calls for some major changes in how our ‘broken’ global food system could be repaired. They propose some solutions and criticisms about land grabbing, GMOs, … Continue reading

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Dietary diversity plays an important role in child undernutrition and food security in Bangladesh

In the last six or seven years, there have been some excellent scientific publications by Arimond and Ruel, Kennedy and colleagues, and Sawadogo demonstrating that dietary diversity is correlated with growth, micronutrient intake in children under five years of age … Continue reading

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Rajiv Shah, head of USAID knows his nutrition security

In a recent article in Nature Medicine, Rajiv Shah answered some essential questions about where USAID is going and how he will get them there. He is an innovative leader that will hopefully take USAID in a new exciting direction. … Continue reading

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