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My little anthro experiment

For the last two months, we have been traveling in Asia: first Indonesia, Malaysia, then India and Nepal. Funny, I always thought I was more of a nutrition specialist focusing on east Africa, but these days, my effort sits in … Continue reading

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Addressing chronic malnutrition through multi-sectoral, sustainable approaches

My colleague Kris and I just published a paper in Frontiers in Nutrition. The paper examines the chronic undernutrition in children, also known as stunting and what interventions and approaches could be instituted to tackle it. Sadly, there are currently … Continue reading

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Sanitation: Key for Nutrition Outcomes in India

The NY Times posted an article today about India’s sanitation issues. The thought is, that most children get enough food to eat, and sanitation and hygiene are the real issues that impact nutrition outcomes. Open defecation is widely practiced in India … Continue reading

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The Holy Grail of Nutrition, at least this month

One of the holy grails in nutrition is to better understand how agriculture and our food system can improve nutrition and health. Well, it is the current flavor of the month. Often called “nutrition sensitive programming or approaches,” most are … Continue reading

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Sanitation and Hygiene impacts stunting in Ethiopian region

An interesting study was published in the Public Health Nutrition journal that examined which type of interventions can reduce stunting, linear growth retardation, in children ages 6 to 36 months over a five year period in the Amhara region of … Continue reading

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“Ethiopia stretches her hands unto God”

I have been in Ethiopia for a week for work. Undernutrition remains a huge issue here. More than 1 out of 4 women in Ethiopia is affected by undernutrition and anaemia. Child undernutrition remains high with 44% of children under … Continue reading

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remembering young women

Much of the focus from the international community has been on ending child undernutrition and interventions that improve growth and development of kids. One population that has been largely neglected is adolescent girls and young women. Evidence shows that maternal … Continue reading

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