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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…and then some.

The Good Remember that scene in American Beauty when the intense, borderline-creepy, documentarian-obsessed teen is showing his girlfriend a video of a plastic bag blowing in the wind, and marvels about how beautiful it is? He says: “… And I … Continue reading

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Sodas, Celebrities and Sell-Outs

Last year, Mark Bittman wrote: “Why Do Stars Think It’s O.K. to Sell Soda?” This was in response to Beyonce’s promotion to sell Pepsi. I couldn’t agree more. It is maddening actually. With the current culture being so obsessed with … Continue reading

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“Eat Meat and Die”

Peter Kim and colleagues created a cool graphic on eating meat called “eat meat and die.” I am a meat eater myself but prefer to go for the grass fed, organic varieties. I definitely “steer” clear from the pink slime … Continue reading

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Forget “From Farm to Fork”! What about “From Farm to Flush”? Visuals not included.

The overly used motto, “from farm to fork” often refers to the idea of thinking more holistically about where our food comes from, how it is processed and how we cook and consume it. Or put more simply, what is … Continue reading

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Food Desert Locator smackdown

Food Desert Locator smackdown.

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Cornography and the disappearing diet

I am starting to wonder if we are undergoing a bit of pollan-ography. He seems to be everywhere preaching about the downfalls of the American diet and our addiction to cheap, corn-laden food. His son even coined the term “cornography”. … Continue reading

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Edible geography

A great site filled with maps and statistics to get you slightly depressed about the vast amount of unhealthiness across the United States of America and its often association with poverty. Here is one map showing fast food expenditure per … Continue reading

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