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The Restaurant “Scene” in DC

We have eaten at a lot of restaurants in our lifetime, be it in NYC or other places around the world. I wouldn’t call us picky or high rollers, but we definitely know what we like. After moving to DC, … Continue reading

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pizza margherita in napoli

da best. do i need to say more?

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Why do we care where celebrities eat?

Because, according to James Cameron of Avatar and Titanic (yish), after saying some lame speech in Avatar language Na’vi at the Golden Globe awards, moviestars and those that make movies have the best job in the world and they should … Continue reading

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New York now adds salt reduction to the menu

New York city is now adding another requirement to force restaurants and food chains to improve the health of foods – reducing salt by 25% over the next five years. If you recall, NY has already been in the forefront … Continue reading

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SPQR dammit

I haven’t posted in so long due to extensive travel. However, my trips did involved some culinary extravaganza in places such as Thailand, Japan and Rome (also went to London and the “gastropub” trend is just stupid). Rome has INCREDIBLE … Continue reading

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The dos and don’ts of working in a restaurant. Please New York waiters, busers, chefs – read this

Bruce Buschel posted in the NY Times the top 100 things staffers working in restuarants should not do. I hope every waiter in NY reads this as there is much to be learned, speaking from a frequent restaurant diner. 1. … Continue reading

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