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Carciofi are in season now in Rome. So delicious!


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The health benefits of yogurt: its all greek to me

The idea of fermenting milk (which in itself is a strange food if you start to think of where it comes from) into yogurt has a very long history dating back probably to Central Asian herdsmen, and was most likely … Continue reading

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Basta to pizza Naples? Fuhgeddaboudit!

I recently traveled to Naples for a short weekend, and found the city to be the pulsing beat of Italy’s immense heart, or maybe it is the heart attack…More on that soon. There is so much of Naples that reminds … Continue reading

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30 foods, 5 colors

Diet diversity and variety doesn’t just provide lots of different nutrients that the body needs but other important non-nutrients such as antioxidants that becoming very critical in decreasing the risk of diet-related noncommunicable diseases. And although we have nutrigenomics to … Continue reading

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Bringing food back into fashion

The more I work in the nutrition field, the more I realize how critical FOOD has become. And yet, it is essentially ignored by most nutritionist and health practioners. Well not food exactly, but the quality of food. In development … Continue reading

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Cornography and the disappearing diet

I am starting to wonder if we are undergoing a bit of pollan-ography. He seems to be everywhere preaching about the downfalls of the American diet and our addiction to cheap, corn-laden food. His son even coined the term “cornography”. … Continue reading

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This blog will soon be very roman-centric. I am leaving NY to live in Rome Italy, and this is how I am feeling about it.

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