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Addressing chronic malnutrition through multi-sectoral, sustainable approaches

My colleague Kris and I just published a paper in Frontiers in Nutrition. The paper examines the chronic undernutrition in children, also known as stunting and what interventions and approaches could be instituted to tackle it. Sadly, there are currently … Continue reading

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Sanitation: Key for Nutrition Outcomes in India

The NY Times posted an article today about India’s sanitation issues. The thought is, that most children get enough food to eat, and sanitation and hygiene are the real issues that impact nutrition outcomes. Open defecation is widely practiced in India … Continue reading

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The Role of Nutrition in Agriculture Extension: New Report

We recently finished a year-long project that examined the integration and linkages of nutrition within extension and advisory services (EAS) and workers in Africa, South Asia, and the Americas. The study was supported by the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) and … Continue reading

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Business case for Sustainable Diets

This is a repost from the Guardian’s Sustainable Business Blog. See original post here. Making the business case for sustainable food Scrutinising the issues around diet, disease and poverty will allow us to make informed choices about how to tackle … Continue reading

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The Holy Grail of Nutrition, at least this month

One of the holy grails in nutrition is to better understand how agriculture and our food system can improve nutrition and health. Well, it is the current flavor of the month. Often called “nutrition sensitive programming or approaches,” most are … Continue reading

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Forget “From Farm to Fork”! What about “From Farm to Flush”? Visuals not included.

The overly used motto, “from farm to fork” often refers to the idea of thinking more holistically about where our food comes from, how it is processed and how we cook and consume it. Or put more simply, what is … Continue reading

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Discussion on global food systems: tackling malnutrition in low-income settings

I recently participated in a discussion at Columbia University this past March of 2011 with some of my great friends and colleagues, Glenn Denning, CJ Jones and Roseline Remans. The discussion was about the global food price crisis, the nutrition … Continue reading

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