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Sodas, Celebrities and Sell-Outs

Last year, Mark Bittman wrote: “Why Do Stars Think It’s O.K. to Sell Soda?” This was in response to Beyonce’s promotion to sell Pepsi. I couldn’t agree more. It is maddening actually. With the current culture being so obsessed with … Continue reading

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Study highlights the potential contribution of agriculture and public health on children’s nutritional status

This is a reposted from original post here. The Importance of Context in Programme Decision Making: An analysis of Public Health and Agriculture Contributions to Nutrition Outcomes Jessica Fanzo, Roseline Remans, Patrizia Fracassi (07th July 2014) Malnutrition is the single largest … Continue reading

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Prevention over treatment

Spending the week in new york at columbia university in nutrition courses for health professionals. Spent two days on lipoprotein metabolism and cardiovascular disease and targeting medications. Our U.S. health professionals are spending their time and talent treating NCDs, a … Continue reading

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The health benefits of yogurt: its all greek to me

The idea of fermenting milk (which in itself is a strange food if you start to think of where it comes from) into yogurt has a very long history dating back probably to Central Asian herdsmen, and was most likely … Continue reading

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I just dropped in to have a cup of coffee, friend

I have always been a coffee fanatic. The day does not officially start, until I take that first sip of pippin’ hot joe. Call it what you want – joe, java, jamoke, café, espresso – without it, I would be … Continue reading

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AIDS: 30 years later, some progress in treatment and prevention –

AIDS: 30 years later, some progress in treatment and prevention –

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Some food and nutrition sites

I just found the sweet beet site through a HuffPo blog. Michelle Madden gives readers some food rules of her own which for the most part, I agree with. 1. The more you know about kale (insert any good-for-you food) the … Continue reading

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