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Wicked Lobster city

I have been in Woods Hole, Cape Code the last few days staying at a friend’s and am immensely enjoying the laid back atmosphere and beauty that surrounds me. I have also been feasting on lobster. Lobster rolls, lobster tacos, … Continue reading

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The Scientific Case of Foodism

In the last five years or so, interest in all things food and our food system has become very popular – in books, TV shows, and celebrity restaurant flanuering. Interestingly, being interested in food: aka a foodie, an epicurean, a … Continue reading

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What do Clams, Vashon Island and the Gates Foundation have in common?

I spent last week in the Pacific Northwest visiting the Gates Foundation, PATH and the Nike Foundation, and more importantly, some good friends and family in Seattle and Portland respectively. More on that later… I grew up in Seattle from … Continue reading

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A history of dieting: Binge and purge | The Economist

A history of dieting: Binge and purge | The Economist.

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First food photograph taken?

According to the NYTs, this photo was taken in 1832 by Frenchman, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

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The New York Time’s Food & Drink Issue

  The Food & Drink Issue – Interactive Feature – My favorite. This year is all Q and A. Interesting choice for the times, but filled with lots of information.

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Yearning for a good bagel

My buddy Jeremy, a bagel lover and baker himself, sent me this very cool, old video from the Brooklyn Public Library’s collection showing how they made bagels in the old days in Brooklyn. Those days are gone unfortunately, but there … Continue reading

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