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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…and then some.

The Good Remember that scene in American Beauty when the intense, borderline-creepy, documentarian-obsessed teen is showing his girlfriend a video of a plastic bag blowing in the wind, and marvels about how beautiful it is? He says: “… And I … Continue reading

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The Scientific Case of Foodism

In the last five years or so, interest in all things food and our food system has become very popular – in books, TV shows, and celebrity restaurant flanuering. Interestingly, being interested in food: aka a foodie, an epicurean, a … Continue reading

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Business case for Sustainable Diets

This is a repost from the Guardian’s Sustainable Business Blog. See original post here. Making the business case for sustainable food Scrutinising the issues around diet, disease and poverty will allow us to make informed choices about how to tackle … Continue reading

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Building better systems for food and nutrition security

There is a new paper out in the PNAS journal on food and nutrition security systems. I have seen a few other papers that try to modelfood and nutrition security as an integrated system, but this one is the most … Continue reading

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The Holy Grail of Nutrition, at least this month

One of the holy grails in nutrition is to better understand how agriculture and our food system can improve nutrition and health. Well, it is the current flavor of the month. Often called “nutrition sensitive programming or approaches,” most are … Continue reading

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Nutrition: A Critical Element for People, Food and Nature

Original post on the Landscapes Blog for People, Food and Nature. When we think of food production, ecosystem health, and human wellbeing, one crucial element is often not mentioned: nutrition. Nutrition is everyone’s business and no one’s responsibility, as the … Continue reading

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New nutrition and agrobiodiversity manual: Implementing food systems field projects

Just published from Bioversity. Check it out! Bioversity Agrobiodiversity and Nutrition Field Manual

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