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The Scientific Case of Foodism

In the last five years or so, interest in all things food and our food system has become very popular – in books, TV shows, and celebrity restaurant flanuering. Interestingly, being interested in food: aka a foodie, an epicurean, a … Continue reading

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First food photograph taken?

According to the NYTs, this photo was taken in 1832 by Frenchman, Joseph Nicéphore Niépce.

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Yearning for a good bagel

My buddy Jeremy, a bagel lover and baker himself, sent me this very cool, old video from the Brooklyn Public Library’s collection showing how they made bagels in the old days in Brooklyn. Those days are gone unfortunately, but there … Continue reading

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The dos and don’ts of working in a restaurant. Please New York waiters, busers, chefs – read this

Bruce Buschel posted in the NY Times the top 100 things staffers working in restuarants should not do. I hope every waiter in NY reads this as there is much to be learned, speaking from a frequent restaurant diner. 1. … Continue reading

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Snacks and Glints

Forging a Hot Link to the Farmer Who Grows the Food – cool article in the Times Raj Patel wants you to Buy Japanese or at least, live in Japan Teenagers near fast food = obesity. And Marion Nestle has … Continue reading

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11 hard to get in nairobi foods you should be eating

NY Times posted the “11 best foods you aren’t eating” back in the summer and it was actually one of the most viewed stories of 2008. Wow. I am impressed that people take such an interest in food. Here are … Continue reading

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Snacks and glints

Two interesting NYT articles about the basics of scientific cooking and what to keep or throw out in kitchen by Bittman. I love the dash of science article – because cooking is all one big experiment. The bittman piece is … Continue reading

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