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Sodas, Celebrities and Sell-Outs

Last year, Mark Bittman wrote: “Why Do Stars Think It’s O.K. to Sell Soda?” This was in response to Beyonce’s promotion to sell Pepsi. I couldn’t agree more. It is maddening actually. With the current culture being so obsessed with … Continue reading

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The art of Bialetti

In Italy, everyone makes their coffee on a stovetop using a bialetti type aluminum pot (also called a moka pot). The Atlantic recently blogged about it here. I am not sure what I think of these pots – I guess … Continue reading

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Food Blog all about Rome

Katie Parla has a good blog on Rome food. She also often writes for the Times on all things Rome. Here is her latest in the Times on the “spritz”. This is such a popular drink here in Rome, but … Continue reading

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The new organic – shade grown coffee

Did you know about “shade grown” coffee? It is being touted as the next big environmental savior in the world of coffee next to organic and fair trade. I started to do some research into it because I drank about … Continue reading

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NYC’s pouring on the pounds campaign: man drinks blubber

If any of you live in NY and see the subway ads of “pouring on the pounds”, they are sorta disturbing and get the point across, at least visually with blubbery blubber overfloweth…Now, the NYC Health Department has made a … Continue reading

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Tom Yummy in Thailand

My apologies for the long haitus, but we have been eating our way through Thailand for the past two weeks. I don’t think I have to say that Thailand has a plethora of food awesomeness and diversity. You know when … Continue reading

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pick your poison

Since living in Kenya, the old style drinks rule. Of course there is the white kenyan gin and tonic – to make you feel good and fight malaria simultaneously. Then there are the apertifs, most popular being Campari with over … Continue reading

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