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My little anthro experiment

For the last two months, we have been traveling in Asia: first Indonesia, Malaysia, then India and Nepal. Funny, I always thought I was more of a nutrition specialist focusing on east Africa, but these days, my effort sits in … Continue reading

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Timor Leste: No Joy in the Brilliance of Sunshine

“Going up that river was like travelling back to the earliest beginnings of the world, when vegetation rioted on the earth and the big trees were kings. An empty stream, a great silence, an impenetrable forest. The air was warm, … Continue reading

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The Holy Grail of Nutrition, at least this month

One of the holy grails in nutrition is to better understand how agriculture and our food system can improve nutrition and health. Well, it is the current flavor of the month. Often called “nutrition sensitive programming or approaches,” most are … Continue reading

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New nutrition and agrobiodiversity manual: Implementing food systems field projects

Just published from Bioversity. Check it out! Bioversity Agrobiodiversity and Nutrition Field Manual

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Bioversity’s Nutrition Strategy – Resilient Food and Nutrition Systems: Analyzing the Role of Agricultural Biodiversity in Enhancing Human Nutrition and Health

This past year I worked diligently with colleagues at Bioversity International, on the 10 year nutrition strategy. Below is a summary of the strategy along with the link to the entire strategy. Bioversity’s Nutrition Strategy One of the world’s greatest challenges … Continue reading

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women in dogon pounding millet

Building on my post of women working millets in India, the Dogon women know how to do it up.

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Oxfam digs deep into the global food system

Oxfam has just launched a new campaign called “GROW“. The report is quite good and calls for some major changes in how our ‘broken’ global food system could be repaired. They propose some solutions and criticisms about land grabbing, GMOs, … Continue reading

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