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My little anthro experiment

For the last two months, we have been traveling in Asia: first Indonesia, Malaysia, then India and Nepal. Funny, I always thought I was more of a nutrition specialist focusing on east Africa, but these days, my effort sits in … Continue reading

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Nutritious and Underutilized Species fact sheets

The term “NUS” – Neglected and Underutilized Species- refers to a category of non-commodity cultivated and wild plant species, which are part of a large agrobiodiversity portfolio today falling into disuse for a variety of agronomic, genetic, economic, social and … Continue reading

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Edible rats

A colleague sent me this photo of a rat being prepared for dinner, in Northern Uganda. YUM!

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women in dogon pounding millet

Building on my post of women working millets in India, the Dogon women know how to do it up.

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The challenge of the drylands in Africa

I just got a hold of a video about the northern Kenyan drylands and the Dertu Millennium Village. I used to work on this project and was fortunate enough to travel to this challenging area several times. I wrote about … Continue reading

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nourishing the planet (and Africa) with a green revolution

I just got through reading Worldwatch Institute’s new report “Nourishing the Planet.” An interesting read, but unfortunately unaccessible for most at $19.95 for a PDF or paperback. Not sure how many in the developing world could buy the report at … Continue reading

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Sudan votes for a split: how will food insecurity be handled?

Sudan will vote today to decide whether or not South Sudan should be its own independent nation. Most in the south say this is long overdue because of years of suppression and civil war. Interestingly, the north is very dry, … Continue reading

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