Quietly Keepin’ On

Another year has come and gone, and I barely blogged this year as much as I promised to. Not sure why.

Maybe everyone is saying so much, so often, that there is really nothing left to say.

Maybe I don’t want to say anything.

Maybe I just don’t have shit to say or even if I do, maybe it is better sometimes to keep quiet.

Maybe it’s just laziness.

I find that social media makes being lazy that much easier. While I appreciate the internet’s grandness, the amount and frequency of information is dizzying. I find myself more and more defaulting to tweeting interesting things I am reading, which often say what I want to say, in a much better way than I could ever convey. Or, instagraming (is that even a verb?) interesting things I am seeing. I find Instagram so much easier than posting photos on a blog. So much so, that I pulled my photo site, jessfanzo.com. It now links to this site. I still keep two tumblr accounts, one personal, the other professional, but I find myself not using them so much either. We keep our goatrodeo blog, because, well, goats are worthy of a blog.

We have a lot to say about goats

We have a lot to say about goats

It was a quiet year for me amongst a goat rodeo-esque year, that being 2014. A year when the world was essentially on its knees. Or do I say that every year? My anthem: “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.” Or at least I keep trying to convince myself of that. There were crises all over the world – Syria, CAR, South Sudan, Ukraine, and now Pakistan, again. More natural disasters leaving places like the Philippines reeling. EBOLA. In America, we are back to what most felt in the 1960s. Broken, divided, unequal and lacking in civil liberties. But we carry on, with a heavy burden in our hearts and a hopeless sense of profound resolution.

Sorry to be depressing but I do leave 2014 wondering what the next year will hold. 2015. Seems like something big should happen, and I hope whatever that is, is a positive shift. It seems to be a goal marker for many things. The Millennium Development Goals are coming to an end in December of 2015 – a significant milepost for many of us working in development who are hoping to end poverty and all its consequences. It is also the end of my teenage married years (celebrating 20 years in 2016) and my entrance into my late forties (turning 45 in 2016). As of January, this will be the first time that we will have lived in the same apartment in new york city for more than 2 years. The norm is to move every one or two years…What is wrong with us? Maybe we are settling down? Perhaps, but let’s hope not.

I think that 2014 brought a quietness to my life and I hope to carry that momentum into 2015. Maybe slowing down, doing less, focusing more, and striving for better quality in all that we do is better. Enjoying the quiet. Continuing to flâneur. We walked over 300 miles in our MaPhattan project and will continue to do so next year. It revived my tired feelings of New York, after over a decade of living here.

Maphattan project cheatsheet

Maphattan project cheatsheet

But no matter what happens in 2015, as Curtis Mayfield soulfully sang, I will “Keep on, keepin’ on” and hope that 2015 brings more quiet moments amongst the chaos.

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