As Bobbie said: “And it seems like I’ve got to travel on…”

So much travel in the spring of 2014, I am feeling like a vagabond, a wanderer. It all began where all civilization started – Rome. Got there just in time for Easter week (buon pasqua) on April 13th. Stayed until the 19th. That is 6 days. Then back to new york for a good amount of time, until the 28th. Flew to the windy city, where it was windy, and cold and rainy. Came back to new york may 1. That’s 3 more days. Then in new york, literally for 24 hours. Then flew to kathmandu, nepal via doha which took 30 hours on may 2nd. Stayed until may 9th. Back in new york. nice. That’s another 8 days. If you are keeping count, that is now 17 days away from home out of a total of 27 days. Not too shabby so far, but here is where things get rough. Remember how I got back to new york on May 9th? Well, 16 hours later, I left for DC, our fine capital. At least my transportation mechanism changed – now by train. Stayed about two days. Got back late, late late, may 11th. 12th in new york. 13th in new york. 14th and 15th went to Hamilton Ontario of all random places, not by train, by plane. Like Detroit but worse in a Canadian kind of way. When in Canada, forgot why the hell I was in DC for at least 10 minutes, and better yet, left my vital backpack (vital = computer, passport, wallet, life) on a plane and in a taxi (in under two hours) all to be retrieved by good samaritans. As the Pixies sang: “where is my mind?” Flight delayed. Of course! Why not. Bring it on. Back to new york on the 16th. Administer a final biochemistry exam to students, input their grades. And then I am off again the 17th (35 hours at home). This time to Uganda and then Kenya via London and Madrid. Yes, two connections just to stick it in the wound a little further. Bring it on. Haven’t been to Africa in about two years, well that is if you count Ethiopia, which I think Ethiopians don’t consider themselves part of…they are their own entity. Can’t argue with that. I want to be my own entity. In Uganda from the 17th to the 23rd then to Kenya the 24th to the 31st. Back in new york later afternoon of the 31st. okay, so where are we? That is 36 days away from home out of a total of 48 days. Then June starts…what is store? Let’s see… 

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