The Role of Nutrition in Agriculture Extension: New Report

We recently finished a year-long project that examined the integration and linkages of nutrition within extension and advisory services (EAS) and workers in Africa, South Asia, and the Americas. The study was supported by the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) and the World Bank’s Secure Nutrition Knowledge Platform. The report will hopefully be posted on both sites soon.

The major purpose of this work was to analyze and document the past, current, and future role of EAS, with regard to human nutrition. This report summarizes the current state of knowledge on the role of nutrition in EAS and highlights good practices stemming from country or program cases, and notes comparative advantages of different types of models. Building on the GFRAS Worldwide Extension StudyScreen Shot 2013-09-08 at 10.38.15 AM, five objectives were established to fulfill the project’s purpose:

1. Understand the status or existence of nutrition as part of the portfolio of EAS activities in different regions of the world.

2. Document the nutrition technical content of extension workers’ training and the messages / information delivered to farmers and other clientele.

3. Understand if and how extension workers coordinate and / or duplicate work related to nutrition with rural workers from other sectors, e.g. rural health.

4. Understand challenges faced by existing home economics EAS and identify opportunities for strengthening these services (e.g. training and supervision quality concerns, constraints to work performance such as lack of transportation, task overload, supply bottlenecks, high extension agent turnover, etc.).

5. Identify good practice country or program cases. Note comparative advantages of different types of providers, and of nutrition advice coming from EAS rather than from other sectors such as health.

Check out the report Nutrition and Extension Report_GFRAS and Secure Nutrition.

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One Response to The Role of Nutrition in Agriculture Extension: New Report

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great report. I am reading it and will surely be of help in my misc thesis. Elizabeth

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