Truckin, got my chips cashed in

Truckin got my chips cashed in. keep truckin, like the do-dah man
Together, more or less in line, just keep truckin on. – The Dead.


One thing that Rome lacks, are food trucks. On the opposite spectrum, is NY. I am looking forward to chowing down at some of my favorites when I get back. Food trucks, street meat, taco stands are everywhere these days. Even Paris has caught on. But some say, food trucks are just a phase. I don’t think so though. One article says trucks are out, pickling is in. Strange comparison. Food trends themselves, come and go. Cupcakes, pig cheeks, ramen, dumplings, now…fermented foods. The way our food is delivered, is another bag of chips altogether. Some find them to be a potential terrorist threat! There is a cool infographic that breaks down the stats on food trucks by They are cheap to start, but they are gas guzzlers and cost a lot to maintain. We had a friend who started a pizza truck, and overnight it was overrun by rats. Nice…Ah, the challenges of truckin’ food in NY.

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