Nutritious and Underutilized Species fact sheets

The term “NUS” – Neglected and Underutilized Species- refers to a category of non-commodity cultivated and wild plant species, which are part of a large agrobiodiversity portfolio today falling into disuse for a variety of agronomic, genetic, economic, social and cultural factors. NUS are traditionally grown by farmers in their centres of diversity, where they support nutrition security and other livelihood goals of local communities while contributing to meet their socio-cultural needs and traditional uses. Until recently these species have been largely ignored by research and development, becoming less competitive than well established major crops and losing gradually their diversity and associated traditional knowledge.

Bioversity has created some spin-off factsheets of NUS, but focused on Nutritious Underutilized Species. There are fact sheets on baobab, amaranth, bambara, taro and fonio. Check them out!

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