The SUN Movement: No, it isn’t a cult nitwit! It is the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement!

The Scaling Up Nutrition movement is gaining momentum in some parts, at least among nutritionists working internationally and a few fistfuls of UN development specialists. In 2010 over 100 organizations including Governments, civil society, the private sector, research institutions and the United Nations system committed to work together to fight undernutrition (unfortunately overnutrition is not in this equation). Collectively, they first developed a Framework to Scale Up Nutrition and a Road Map as the overarching principals and guidance.

The purpose of the SUN movement is to bring organizations together to support national plans to scale up nutrition interventions and programs in countries with high burden of undernutrition, that are country driven and country led. So far, 20 countries have signed up to scale.

Countries have 1000 days to get themselves organized. Keep yourself up to date on the scaling up nutrition site and the sister site, 1000 days.

Never has there been a time where nutrition is so front and center. Exciting indeed.

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