Hunger fighter

I was recently highlighted on the new and very cool Revolution Hunger site as one of the hunger fighters.

There are some big names on there, such as Norman Borlaug, Roger Thurow, and Ruth Oniango, to name a few, so…I am honored!

Here is what they say:

HER STORY: When it comes to finding really cool ways to get good nutrition onto the plates of the hungry, Jessica Fanzo, who goes by Jess, has some ideas. She has been involved with some huge international initiatives that are making communities better.

She is a senior scientist for nutrition at Bioversity International and is based in Italy. What’s bioversity? Well, it’s helping people have more diversity of nutritious foods in their diet by integrating foods that are traditional to their communities and regions.

Jess and her team at Bioversity International are working hard to understand and promote the use of the most nutrition local fruit and vegetable varieties to fight hunger and improve local access to nutritious foods.

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2 Responses to Hunger fighter

  1. Nabeeha Kazi says:

    We are so happy to feature your work, Jess – as well as the work of Bioversity. We need to look at all approaches – working together – to fight hunger and malnutrition. And, we need to inspire the next generation of leaders who will take this challenge on – apply what we have learned to date, integrate their own ideas and innovative methods, and make a lasting impact.

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