Get your econutrition on

What the hell is “econutrition” one might ask? Well, it can be whatever you want it to be. In the Food and Nutrition Bulletin, a supplement was released on this very topic. Econutrition is defined as “Econutrition integrates environmental health and human health, with a particular focus on the interactions among the fields of agriculture, ecology and human nutrition.” The figure demonstrates this relationship.

My colleagues and I published an article in this supplement in which we examined the role of ecology in addressing human nutrition challenges. Integrated and interdisciplinary approaches are critical to reaching development goals. Ecologists must begin to consider not only how their field can contribute to biodiversity conservation, but also, the relationship between biodiversity and provisioning of nontraditional ecosystem services such as human health. Likewise, nutritionists and agronomists must recognize that many of the solutions to increasing human well-being and health can best be achieved by focusing on a healthy environment and the conservation of ecosystem services.


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