Sicilian cuisine

Sicily is a unique place to say the least. We recently traveled to the Northwest and through the interior for 5 days. Lovely time of year to be there – lots of wild flowers and the Easter processions are totally amazing if you are into that sort of traditional thing. I posted some photos of these ancient processions in Trapani and Erice.

The food in Sicily is amazing and totally different from mainland. Here is a sampling of some of the tasty morsels during my days there.

sicily's street food "the arancini"

sicily is famous for its sweets

some tasty fish

prosciutto olives tomatoes and ricotta

pasta con ragu

fish with tomato basil sauce

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2 Responses to Sicilian cuisine

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    They all look so yummy 😛

  2. Tracy says:

    Thank you for listening! These are great gurrrrrl

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