wondering how to make life simpler

So recently, I have been trying to “simplify” my life.

First thing, I got off facebook. I felt 30 pounds lighter. Not that I have posted much on there in the last year, and not that I check it all that often, but the principle of what facebook has become – selling phone numbers to third party “vendors”, owning your photos, zuckerberg’s annoyingness…was just a bit much. Social Network? To me, it was obnoxious and slightly disturbing in its shallowness.

Second thing, I have been “unsubscribing” to the plethora of listservs, updates, notifications that I get via email. The amount of emails I receive daily has been cut in half. Amazing.

Seeing a trend?

Third, I am trying, not so successfully, to travel less for work. It is killing me physically and mentally. Just traveling for 10 hours in economy sets me back two days. India alone set me back 6 days… The jetlag and getting off schedule from my regular diet and exercise, is just too much. And for what? Not sure I am reaping so many benefits from being at this meeting or that meeting hearing this person or that person talk about this or that. Maybe it makes us feel more important to be present at such events, but I leave frustrated, wondering why I am away from my husband, Rome and the downtime that life brings.

Fourth thing, is just trying to care less about deadlines and work pressure. I abide, but I am trying to not stress about it all so much. And being okay with never getting your head above water. I am not sure why I sometimes choose to participate in the rat race, because I never feel “productive” when I do. Am I really making change for the good in my field? Am I producing good work that makes an impact? It is important to reflect, slow down and do things more thoughtfully. I think my work would actually be better if I did that!

I am not sure this has anything to do with food and this site, but I do feel better letting anyone who reads this know, that I am trying to do less, but more, in a thoughtful way. And wondering if others should do the same. And slowing down, to enjoy food and good company, doing less computering, answering fewer emails, never again checking FB statuses, and running around a bit less from one meeting to another with that big ol’ carbon footprint,  is at least making my life simpler, and actually, I feel more “connected”.

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4 Responses to wondering how to make life simpler

  1. Jeremy says:

    Brava! I really hope you can maintain your determination to do less but in a more thoughtful way.

  2. Word. Now come home so we can eat tacos or sushi!

  3. Jeremy says:

    You got that right. And hey, let’s hijack this blog and have a conversation. Like, you need fresh cilantro?

  4. Like writing on someone’s F-book wall! We got lots of cilantro sprouting, but might need extra for tacos saturday (right?). No jalapeno’s have grown yet this year though, so might have to get those from a (yikes) can. Or the Calabrian variety of peperoncino.

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