no one does pizza like NY? I beg to differ

Alright so I have had some pretty crappy pizza in Rome but last week, my better half introduced me to the best pizza ever. Yes, better than NY and I lived right around the corner from Grimaldi’s mind you. This pizza, made right in Campo de’ Fiori at Forno Campo is baked as big slabs but they will cut a “slice” as a square any size you want.

pizza con melanzane

Not only is the cheese and the tomato sauce perfect (as Italians do both of these things da’ best), but it is all in the “roman bread.”  The pizza is made on foccacia-like bread that is slathered in olive oil and cooked to perfection in wood burning ovens. They serve it by folding it in half, like a sandwich. I don’t know what else they do to the bread, but just like the pasta, it just tastes different here. It must be the water…

smell the yum

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One Response to no one does pizza like NY? I beg to differ

  1. Jeremy says:

    Are you ready for the best sit-down pizza? Classic with a twist? I’ll be happy to introduce you.

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