Pho (Fuh) BANG!

We had dinner the other night at a great pho restaurant called Pho Bang on Mott Street in Chinatown NYC.

a steaming bowl of pho I ate in hanoi

Pho, pronounced more like, “fuh” is a beef noodle brothy soup with rice noodles, slices of beef and onions and cilantro. You can then spice it up as much as you want with super hot Vietnamese hot sauce, fresh chilies, Asian basil, and bean sprouts. Molto gustoso!

Pho bang’s pho tasted just like the pho I had in Hanoi, where pho originates from. In Vietnam, pho is a common breakfast food, but here, people eat for lunch and dinner. You usually sit on the side of the road, on small stools and eat the steaming stuff. On another recent trip to southeast Asia, and Thailand specifically, I had rice noodles in a fish broth every day for breakfast. It was super spicy and seemed to just wake up all my senses. I could eat this stuff everyday.

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